FAQ - atPeek
atMonitor I forgot my license key, how can I retrieve it?
    You can retrieve your license key here

atMonitor Where can I find more QuickLook plugins?

atMonitor Why is "Extract file" and "Extract folder" disabled?
Those features are availble only in licensed version of atPeek.

atMonitor Why is a file showing as blank icon?
atPeek uses Mac OS X QuickLook architecture to display asset icons and their previews. A blank icon will be displayed if OS X can not find a suitable QuickLook plugin to use.

atMonitor Why does atPeek require 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?
atPeek uses brand new UI components that are available only in 10.6

atMonitor How do I install atPeek?
There is nothing to install. You can launch atPeek from anywhere.

atMonitor How do I uninstall atPeek?
Simply move atPeek.app to the trash. You can also optionally delete its preference file ~/Library/Preferences/com.atPurpose.atPeek.plist

atMonitor I have additional questions..
Any questions can be sent to [email protected]