iPhone app browser tool for developers and curious users

atPeek is a developer tool designed to explore and display resources found in iPhone applications. Its simple and intuitive interface allows to effortlessly examine normally unaccessible application details. atPeek can export individual assets or entire folders and its unique feature is its ability to decode both crushed iPhone PNG images and PVR textures back into standard PNGs.

atPeek takes advantage of Mac OS X QuickLook plugin framework to display fully functional previews of assets. Its flexible architecture allows developers to extend the core functionality by creating and installing custom QuickLook plugins.

atPeek is bundled with two custom QuickLook plugins that we have developed: PngUncrush and PvrUncrush, which can decode iPhone crushed PNG images and PVR textures. These plugins are also available as a separate free download.

We all learn by example and atPeek's core functionality is to enable you, the developer, to peek inside other iPhone applications (those purchased and archived by iTunes).

Check Look

atPeek will use system available QuickLook plugins to let you preview any file for which there exists a suitable plugin.

Check Learn

If you ever wondered how other developers achieve certain effects or functionality, you can now get a glimpse by examining their app contents.

Check Play

You can extract any single asset or an entire folder for offline play.

Check Verify

You can easily verify that you have not shipped any duplicate assets or included any other sensitive files by a mistake in your own iPhone app.
    You can separately download the PngUncrush (32-bit and 64-bit Universal) and PvrUncrush (i386 only) QuickLook plugins, which we have developed for atPeek. Simply copy them to /Library/QuickLook folder and you will be able to preview iPhone crushed PNG images and PVR textures right from the Finder (or any other QuickLook enabled applications).